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The Institute of Human Resource Advancement (IHRA) at the University of Colombo is actively engaged in fostering research activities across various domains. IHRA has organized several international research conferences to provide a platform for scholars and researchers to share their knowledge and findings with a global audience. These conferences aim to broaden the scope of research activities, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, and address contemporary challenges.

One notable conference organized by IHRA was the “International Research Conference on Peace & Development for Science & Management” held in 2013. This conference highlighted the importance of peace as a catalyst for economic development and showcased Sri Lanka’s transformation into an education, port, and aviation hub in Asia after the end of a prolonged period of terrorism. The conference brought together academics, foreign delegations, High Commissioners, Ambassadors, and various organizations to discuss critical global issues such as climate change, global warming, new medicines, food security, education, poverty, and energy crises. It emphasized the need for cooperation among nations, transcending religious and ethnic divisions, to work together for global peace and development.

Additionally, IHRA organized the “National Conference on Geospatial Science & Disaster Management” in 2016, focusing on the collaboration between academia and industry to address disaster preparedness and risk reduction. The conference introduced the M.Sc. Degree Programme in Disaster Analysis, Management, and Mitigation and emphasized the significance of geospatial science in disaster management.

In recent years, IHRA has also taken up the challenge of addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on human resource development and management. The “International Conference on Impact of Covid-19 Health Crisis on Human Resource Development and Management” in 2021 and the “International Conference on Digital Transformation of Employee Education under COVID-19 Pandemic” in 2022 explored the digital transformation of education and management practices during the pandemic.

Furthermore, IHRA has announced the “4th International Research Conference on Management & Technology Innovations (IRCMTI 2023),” continuing its commitment to fostering research and innovation.

These conferences organized by IHRA reflect its dedication to advancing knowledge, addressing pressing global issues, and facilitating collaboration among academics, practitioners, and experts across various fields. IHRA’s research activities serve as a testament to its vision of promoting education and research as pivotal solutions for peace, development, and sustainable progress in Sri Lanka and beyond.