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Diploma in Tamil as an Additional Language (DTAL)

The Diploma in Tamil as an Additional Language (DTAL) course, conducted by the Institute of Human Resource Advancement at the University of Colombo, is a specialized program designed to facilitate the acquisition and mastery of Tamil as a second language. This comprehensive course offers students a structured curriculum aimed at enhancing their proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding the Tamil language. It caters to individuals looking to develop their Tamil language skills for various purposes, such as academic, professional, or personal enrichment. With a strong emphasis on language fluency and cultural understanding, DTAL equips learners with valuable linguistic and cultural insights, enabling them to communicate effectively in Tamil-speaking environments.

Learning Outcomes

Diploma in Tamil as an Additional Language (DTAL) offered by the Institute Of Human Resource Advancement (IHRA), University of Colombo is a comprehensive program designed to help individuals achieve the following outcomes,

  • DTAL assists students to improve their accuracy and fluency in producing and understanding spoken and written Tamil
  • Students will review the grammatical forms of Tamil and the use of these forms in specific communicative contexts, which include: class activities, homework assignments, reading of texts and writing.
  • Develop your public speaking abilities by giving you opportunities to speak in class, both informally and formally.
  • By learning Tamil language you will able to fulfill your daily social needs, to succeed in your business activities and to perform your workplace duties properly and confidence in handling language in society.

Program Duration: 8 Months

Program Medium: Sinhala

Program Schedule: We offer a comprehensive program with weekdays and weekends, combining online and physical lectures, and theory sessions held from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Target Group

The DTAL course at the Institute of Human Resource Advancement, University of Colombo, is designed for a wide audience, including students, professionals, and individuals interested in learning Tamil as a second language. It caters to those seeking to enhance their communication skills, cultural understanding, and career opportunities in Tamil-speaking environments.

Entry Qualifications

Possesses at least one of the following qualifications;

General certificate of education (advanced level) or and equivalent qualification,

A foundation courses equivalent to SLQF level 2 after a minimum of 12 years of schooling followed by passing an attitude test,

Completion of NVQ1 level,

Accredited work experience or accredited mirror learning followed by a corresponding cognitive bridging program of minimum 30 credits as determined by the academic authority of the HEI concerned may also be considered as equivalent qualification for admission to SLQF level 3 in a particular field of specialization.

Contact Details

Program Coordinator:
Ms. Dharshi Ashok
Contact: +94 77 518 8989
Office Location: IHRA, UoC.

Program Assistant:
Ms. Vidya Ranasinghe
Contact: +94 71 223 0696
Office Location: Student Support Unit, Ground Floor, IHRA, UoC.