There are many reasons to choose IHRA for your academic career. But three are paramount important.

Firstly, IHRA is that it is an institute of University of Colombo, the most recognized Sri Lankan University. University of Colombo has been placed within the top 980 universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017. All our Masters and Bachelors Degrees are awarded by University of Colombo at its convocation, while it scrutinizes all our academic activities closely to ensure we meet high standards and quality that University of Colombo preserve throughout its history. So, when you choose us, you choose the best academic programme in Sri Lanka.

Secondly, unlike traditional universities whose focus is ‘school leavers’ the focus of IHRA is ‘employees’. So, we don’t have an issue of priority of meeting the needs of different categories of students, you are the only category that we have to pay attention to. Therefore, unlike many others who has to ‘adjust’ to serve you, our systems, our people and our competencies are developed to serve you.

Thirdly and finally, its location that has made traveling to it hassle-free cannot be forgotten as on the one hand the traffic is beating us on all roads in Colombo even in week-ends very often in early hours of nights. You certainly looking for all possible ways to avoid waste time on the road as you are certainly a ‘busiest’ professional being a ‘working’ mother or the father.   IHRA is located at Bouddaloka Mawatha just a few meters away from Thunmulla Junction. It can be easily approached from Borrella, Bambalapitiya, Petta or Nugegodo, thus IHRA is at the ideal place to management efficiency in traveling.