Repeat Exam Applications for MHRM & MBM Programs

Dear Students,

Institute of Human Resource Advancement.

Repeat Exam Applications for MHRM & MBM Programs

 3rd Semester Repeat Exam Applications are available on our web site and the closing date is 5th December 2019. Please be kind enough to submit your application by click this link

And should be attached receipts of repeat examination payments and relevant board decision if any.

For more information, contact Examination Branch, IHRA.


  1. Repeaters have to pay Rs. 2000/- for registration and Rs 750/- per subject. Paying voucher is attached.
  2. Applicants should pay the relevant amount to the Account No. 086 – 100141189680 of the Institute of Human Resource Advancement, University of Colombo at the People’s Bank,         Thimbirigasyaya Branch and send the receipt along with the application form.  
  3. The applicants who change their addresses after forwarding the applications should make arrangements to obtain the admission personally. Late requests to make change addresses are not considered.
  4. Please send application forms on or before 25.11.2019 to the examination branch.
  5. Students who were allowed to sit the repeat exam on the approval of the Board of Study on Human Resource Education should send a photocopy of the approval letter along with the examination application. (Repeaters who got 1st attempt is exempted from above payments)