Mr. K.A.A.N Thilakarathna is presently the Lecturer(probationary) in Labor Law, Commercial Law, and Industrial Law at the Institute of the Human Resource Advancement University of Colombo. He is an Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court and he obtained his LL.B. (Hons) degree from the Faculty of Law University of Colombo. He completed his LL.M. (Merit) degree from Sir John Kotelawala Defense University coming at the top of the batch.   He is currently reading for his M. Soc and MPhil at the University of Colombo.

Before joining the Institute of Human Resource Advancement, he has served as a temporary lecturer at the Department of Public and International Law, Faculty of law, University of Colombo.

Research Interests

His research interests are in Commercial Law, Public International Law, and Equity and the Law of Trust. He has published articles in both local and foreign journals and has attended a number of symposiums and conferences.


Awarded with the trophy for best overall performance at the Master of Laws Degree offered by General Sir Jhon Kotelawela Defence University.


Professional Qualifications


Notary Public

Registered Company Secretary

Commissioner for Oaths



Mr. K.A.A.N. Thilakarathna teaches Labor Law, Commercial Law, Industrial Relations and Constitutional and Administrative Law for the students in the institute. Research Mr. K.A.A.N. Thilakarathna is currently engaged in a research which aims to find out the respective prospects and challenges which lies ahead in liberalizing the abortion laws in the country.



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