Developing Human Talent for a Progressive Society

We believe that our society can and must progress. The progress that we are looking for is continues and gradual. The progress that we aim is holistic embracing our own economic, social, cultural and political aspirations. We believe that the progressive society is the society that makes social, cultural and political aspirations of people of that society a reality.

We believe a contemporary society unlike that in the past, is an aggregate of formally constituted organizations, and thus the progress of a society is made through the progress of organizations, individually and collectively. Hence, we value organizations which make a holistic, continues, gradual progress embracing economic, social, cultural and political aspirations of the society.

We believe that the progress of organizations is not natural and autonomous occurrence, and it should be made or realized. Therefore, the progress of organizations should be initiated, directed and controlled with the ambition of making social, cultural and political aspirations of the people of a society a reality.

This nature of progress of organizations brings human talent into a center of a progressive society as it is what capable of making a progressive organization a reality. This makes human are what instrumental in realizing their own social, cultural and political aspirations, and it is in this term that we consider human (talent) a resource that can and must be advanced. We, however, believe also that it is through a collective effort of human resource towards choices made collectively that people in a society can realize their inspirations.

We observes that the progress of organizations in our society has hampered due to our failure of developing human talent in right quality and quantity on the one hand and our failure of making collective choices and effort on the other. We believe that the former can be attributed to the difficulty of human resource, be it a unskilled, skilled or knowledge worker, to progress through formal education while the later can be attributed to our attempt of progressing organizations through division of means of production resulting the division of human resource as worker and manager.

Therefore, we, the Institute of Human Resource Advancement, University of Colombo (IHRA-CMB) who are longing for people to live in a progressive society has embarked on two noble goals; development of human talent in required quantity and quality and educating both worker and manager to make a collective choices and a collective effort.

We, IHRA-CMB, invite all of you whose dream is to live and let others live in a progressive society, to join with us to make that dream a reality.

Prof. J. A. S. K. Jayakody
Director and the Chairman of the Academic Syndicate