Who We Are 



“To produce an Alumni who is fulfilled with human abilities in the working world”


“To assist Alumni to be powerful with quality, ability and knowledge and ideas to the Sri Lankan and International needs”


  • To develop the co-operation, welfare and affability of each other of Alumni of Bachelor of Labour Education in University of Colombo.
  • To develop the value of the BLE degree
  • To help the undergraduates of BLE when required.
  • To assist accordingly to the needs for the advancement of Human Resources Advancement of University of Colombo.
  • To look into the objectives of social welfare when required.
  • To have an international recognition for the degree of BLE.

History of the Associaction  

Institute of Workers’ Education was established under the ordinance no.11 of 1975. Then it was re-names as the Institute of Human Resources Advancement. There was no Alumni Association established from 1975 to 2017.

But in 2017, the Alumni Association was founded with a few Alumni.  Accordingly there was a get together on 7th October 2017 in Dehiwela Golden Beach Resort Hotel with 21 Alumni.

There, BLE API Associate Foundation was formed with the proposal of Narada Alwis and with fullest support of Jinaka Jayasinghe with the idea of establishing an Alumni Association in future. Also, below officers were named temporarily;

President Narada Alwis

Secretary Jinaka Jayasinghe

Treasurer B. K. S. Anuruddika

Channa Karunaratne, Sunil Abeythunga, Desika Hemamala, Kalyanapriya, Achintha Kodikara, Chanaka Kumanayaka and other brothers and sisters planned some future plans with lots of obstacles. As a result of it the first constitution of BLE API Associate Foundation was prepared. Though it was difficult to gather Alumni, promoting of Alumni Association has been fruitful by now.

The first Annual General Meeting was held on 28th January 2018 in Young Mens’ Buddhist Association hall in Borella and only 16 alumni attended to it. Without hesitating we got encouraged and organized. We as an Association attended to amendments of constitution, logo, letterhead, vouchers and receipts books, opening a bank account for money transactions. Then a trip to “Riverston” was arranged on 27/7/2018 as a promoting of the Association.

Later there were awareness programs for 2018 final year students. 

A Special General Meeting was conducted in 2018 year itself in Public Library – Colombo on 16/9/2018. The aim of having same was to inform all Alumni, enrolling the new members and to widen the organization. Alumni in various fields attended and it was discussed to gather the alumni in all years by a program through the attendees. 33 Alumni attended. 

In 2019, The Director of Institution of Human Resources Advancement (IHRA) Prof. J. A. S. K. Jayakody blessed the Association and allowed us to use the committee ball for our meetings. Also he encouraged Alumni by ensuring his support for the advancement of the Association.

Later few Karaka Sabha meetings were held and necessary amendments to constitution were made to establish Alumni Association. President of Colombo University main Alumni Association and Director of IHRA have given us lots of courage to promote the Alumni Association. 

After being informed of the activities of the Association through notices through newspapers, we arranged a Get together at “Radawana Wasala” Resort on 12th January 2019. It was a memorable day with lots of fun and activities with 50 members. Director of IHRA too attended to same and encouraged the Alumni. He too announced that University’s Academic Syndicate accepted our establishing the Alumni Association. 

Later there was an Annual General Meeting held on 19/2/2019 in the Auditorium of IHRA. It was successfully conducted with the help of staff and with the main guest the Director of IHRA. By now we have members up to 80 and the Alumni Association of Bachelor of Labour Education was legally started on that day.

Message from the President

I am very happy about establishing the Alumni Association of Bachelor of Labour Education as a new temper given to Institute of Human Resources Advancement. The reason for that is giving leadership to establish this Association.

Establishing this Association is a great consolation for welfare matters for both Alumni and students who are studying. Also it is important for the institutional development and social development.

To be able to full fill some educational needs of the present students by establishing the Association through various obstacles and taking steps towards the success of the institute are the aims of this Association.

Further I sincerely thank the Secretary and those who joined with me to establish this Association, Alumni and specially Prof. J. A. S. K. Jayakody who always encourages us and all staff. I wish the Association to be successful with it’s future programmes!

Narada Alwis


Alumni Association of BLE


Message from the Secretary

‘BLE Api’ started from the least level and has been developing to a complex level. It is not just a thing which is a subject to talk about theorical, studies, seminars, discussions and debates. It has been always in argument a social activity. Every Alumni should pay attention the social service that all of us are doing is an attempt as a social tranquility which will be added to history. It is your duty today to carry this Association and hand over to the future generation. 

Alumni Association of Bachelor of Labour Education is a collective effort and it will be partaken collectively. Among the several needs of the Alumni, five sections were selected; it is a real effort through fixed committees to coordinate of all Alumni of what is done today to build up the country. This is a fine ability to light up the whole universities. 

It is very important that all BLE Alumni to be active with good attitudes to make the revolutionary change in the University system.  I think it is a fine opportunity to get leadership of Alumni Association with the guidance and blessings of Director of Institute of Human Resources Advancement. Brotherly generation filled with knowledge, attitudes, abilities and skills achieving vocational aims will contribute to the development of the social status. 

I am happy to get leadership as the Secretary with the President of the Alumni Association and with the Director of IHRA. I wish all Alumni of BLE to light up the nation with their strength and highly appreciate the contribution of all who are pioneers at this new era in Labour Education of Sri Lanka. 

Contribution of all pioneers are highly appreciated.

Jinaka Jayasinghe


Alumni Association of BLE

Fixed Committees 

Five members are in the Committee (including one Committee member)

  1. Education and Post Education Committee
  2. Public relations and Alumni welfare Committee
  3. Disciplinary Committee
  4. Finance Committee
  5. Students Welfare Committee


Responsibilities of Fixed Committees 

  1. The Committee on Continuing Education and Post  Education Committee shall act as a Consultative Committee to the University.
  2. The Committee on Public relations and Alumni welfare Committee shall promote better relations between the University, the Association and the Community through publication, meetings, seminars, workshops and discussions through mass media.
  3. Disciplinary Committee shall maintain discipline within the Association and  forward the decisions and recommendations which were taken by the Committee to the Executive Committee.
  4. The Committee on Finance shall plan the income and expenditure for the year and formulate proposals for raising funds for the activities, projects and programs of the Association.
  5. The Committee of Student welfare shall promote the relationship between the Alumni and the students of the University. It shall, from time to time, inquire into and report on student welfare services within the University and formulate proposals for their improvement.

Alumni Association of BLE
Institute of Human Resource Advancement
University of Colombo,
No: 275, Bauddhaloka Mawatha,
Colombo 07.
Email: aluminiassociationofble@gmail.com

Contact Details                    


Narada Alwis   

   +94 71 0155029
Vice President

Jagath Liyanage 

   +94 71 4865120

Jinaka Jayasinghe 

   +94 71 8190393
Asst. Secretary

Laksiri Jayakody 

   +94 77 4489083

L.D. Chandralal 

   +94 71 8564115
Asst. Treasurer

Achintha Kodikara

   +94 71 4447311

Desika Kodikara   

   +94 71 0161046

Chanaka Kumanayaka 

   +94 71 7659725


To be a BLE graduate in University of Colombo.

An alumni who is going to be a member should complete the form which is annexed as ‘A’ and hand it over to the Secretary agreeing to the conditions therein. The date of payment of the membership fee will be the date of membership obtained. Schedule A

Any member can apply for the lifetime membership after completing two years of membership.


Rights of members

  • To receive all communication from the Secretary.
  • To vote
  • To propose and second the suggestions
  • To be eligible to receive the sponsors by the Association
  • To complain to the Executive Committee or to the General Committee



1st Annual General Meeting – 19.02.2019


Get together at Radawana Wasala Resort