Ms. Sugandika Sandamali, who serves as the Lecturer (probationary) in English, Business Communication and Academic Writing in the Institute of Human Resource Advancement, University of Colombo has obtained her BA in Languages (English Special) from Trincomalee Campus of Eastern University, Sri Lanka. The competence that she showed in teaching languages made her to achieve the experience of teaching in many Sri Lankan universities including Wayamba University of Sri Lanka and Eastern University, Sri Lanka as an English Instructor. She is currently reading for her Master’s in Linguistics at University of Kelaniya.

In addition to her academic qualifications, she can be identified as a sports woman who is good in many events including netball, volleyball, cricket, badminton and running hundred and two hundred meters. She has obtained school and university colours for her talents. More than the above all, she is reputed as a script writer for dramas and short films.



Ms. Sugandika Sandamali teaches English language, Business communication and Academic writing for the students in the institute.


She is interested in doing researches on Teaching English language and Literature. She has published full papers and articles both in International journals and local research conference and symposiums.

Book publications

Sandamali. K.P.S. (2018), The Difference. ISBN 978-955-35975-2-6. Venura Publishers. Wariyapola.

Sandamali. K.P.S. (2018), The Unseen Reality: A collection of short stories. ISBN 978-955-35975-0-2. Venura Publishers. Wariyapola.

Sandamali. K.P.S. (2018), Correct your mistakes in English- ISBN 978-955-35975-1-9. Venura Publishers. Wariyapola.


Research Publications

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